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Ángela Agraz

Co-Founder, General Manager and Europe Department Manager

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No matter where you are, where you come from, your age, or how hard it is for you to learn a language. We will make it happen together.

My tip for you: trust your Mentors and Buddies!

Cristina Martínez

US Department Manager

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Learning a new language means meeting a new version of yourself. You may find your inner astronaut actually speaks Spanish!

My tip for you: try to adapt the language you started learning to your daily life.

Josh Longster

English Mentor, English Teacher, Senior Linguist

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When professionalism and positive vibes come together, progress happens. Having the chance to enrich oneself while learning a language is wonderful, and it starts here.

My tip for you: think outside the box and make mistakes.

Matthew Duffield

English Department Manager in Europe, English Buddy, Writer, Journalist and Music Label Manager

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Learning a new language is like visiting new places: a great adventure full of discovery and enlightenment.

My tip for you: be kind to yourself. These things take time.

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