Let's Get Fluent ​​

BAMBOLEO TALK helps you communicate in any language with fluency and elegance, using the best pedagogical methods and adapting to your daily routines.

We focus on four key learning points

Learn languages ​​by speaking
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Private Lessons

Lessons are designed to help you use languages fluently and effectively.

Our tutors are qualified to instruct you and guide you towards your language goals in a personalized way. Private lessons are available in English, Spanish, Catalan and French.

Each lesson is tailored to your individual needs and interests, and you will have tutor feedback and support throughout the learning process.

With our private lessons you can learn a language at your own pace from the comfort of your home.

Method and

Once part of our language family, you are assigned a Mentor and a Buddy, and you gain immediate access to our platform through your login details.

We work with the most intuitive and definitive tools.